Asylum and Immigration Detainee Kits

Madison Street Church has been invited to participate in assembling Asylum & Immigration Detainee kits. This is a time sensitive request as we must deliver the kits soon after the July 28th service so that MCC can send these kits to their partner, Casa Alitas, a Catholic Charities ministry in Tucson, AZ (Due to U.S. law, there are no non-profits able to go into the detention centers; therefore MCC is partnering with Casa Alitas to assist migrants released from detention. Click the hypertext link to find stories describing the work at Casa Alitas). You and your friends/family may participate in one of two ways:

  1. Assemble your own kit at home and bring it to Madison Street at the service on July 21st or 28th. Maria Stone is coordinating a drop-off of all the kits to MCC in Upland. The list for items to include in your kit can be found here:
  2. Short on time to assemble an entire kit? Would you prefer to assemble a kit together with your Mad Street Friends? Maria Stone is coordinating the creation of 24 kits on behalf of Madison Street Church. You can sign-up to bring an item or two for the kit and bring your item with you to church on July 28th and we will assemble 24 kits after the service on July 28th. To select which item you would like to contribute, please email Maria Stone at for the sign-up list or see the Mad Street Facebook page for a link to sign-up. You may also donate money to Mad Street and note “Asylum & Immigration Detainee Kit” in the memo and we can use the money contributed to buy any remaining items for the kits. Any surplus of funds not used on kits delivered to MCC Upland will be given to MCC West Coast to use in their work supporting Asylum seekers and Immigrants.