Sermon Series Theme

The Missio Dei (mission of God) and the core values of the Brethren in Christ Church

  • Paart 1:  How we experience God’s mission (core values #1-5)
  • The Foundation Reality of God’s Love and Grace
  • The Foundation Narrative of the Scriptures
  • The Foundational Expressions of God’s Mission’
  •      Worship (Remembering the story of grace)
  •      Discipleship (Following the story of grace)
  •      Community (The Ecology of the story of grace)
  • HOW WE PARTICIPATE IN GOD’S MISSION (core values #6-10)
  • The Outward Participation
  •      Evangelism:  Witness of good news to world (August 30)
  •     Compassion:  Service with those in need (September 6)
  •     Peacemaking:  Reverence for all life (September 13)
  • The Inward Participation
  •      Simplicity:  Decluttering our lives (September 20)
  •      Spirituality:  Intimacy with God (September 27/Matt O’Brien preachintg)