Week of Prayer and Fasting

Getting rid of distractions  
Read Luke 10:38-42.

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When it comes to finding time to sit in the presence of Jesus, nothing in our busy lives offers a bigger challenge than distractions, those little annoyances that can prevent us from giving full attention to the more important. Text messages, stalled traffic, spilled milk. Any one of a hundred interruptions in a day can become a distraction to prayer and reflection.

When Jesus arrives at the home of Martha and Mary, these women are eager to welcome Him and spend quality time with their special guest. Upon His arrival, they both have choices to make.

Mary chooses to accompany Jesus into the living room and, with a heart full of devotion, makes listening to His words her first priority.

Martha thinks of all the work that still needs done. This is her first priority. She hurries to the kitchen, peels the potatoes, puts the lamb roast in the oven, and frosts the cake. Any good hostess will quickly identify with this picture. With dinner time approaching there is work to be done. However, in the midst of the flurry, her attitude takes a detour as her mind and emotions become distracted. Irritated, she complains, “Lord, don’t you care. Tell my sister to help me.” Somewhere between the living room and the kitchen resentment starts to grow.

Is Jesus calling you to focus on enjoying His presence today instead of fretting about the work that needs to be done? Is He asking you to choose the more important thing? Is He inviting you to give up resentment and irritation toward those who don’t pitch in and help as you wish they did? Jesus is eager to meet us in the middle of our interruptions.

Spend a little extra time with Jesus today in spite of distractions. Pray especially for the ministry of the Brethren in Christ here and around the world. Our prayers will make a difference!

Atlantic Conference Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the significant number of pastoral families that have been experiencing health issues, cancer diagnoses, and loss of a loved one in the family.
  • Pray for continued fruitfulness in our urban ministries at Harrisburg and Philadelphia (Circle of Hope). Pray as we explore new avenues of outreach in New York City.
  • Pray for the ministry of Kenbrook Camp and Paxton Street Home.
  • Pray for Next Gen, our internship initiative that is seeking to guide young adults to find their place to serve in ministry.

World Missions Prayer Request

  • The Missionary Development Program is a self-paced discernment and preparation program for those interested in cross-cultural missionary service in the BIC. Thank God for the 21 participants in the program at this time. Pray for God’s guidance for each one. Pray that God will call more workers for the worldwide spiritual harvest.